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Engagement through weekly river clean-up drives, awareness campaigns, and CSR projects for institutions and corporations, and leveraging TEDxBistupur to spark conversations to address urban  challenges.


Education and training on the five components of the environment, i.e., water, waste, air, soil, and energy. Swachhatapukare aims to work together on futuristic, sustainable solutions for all.


Introducing innovative solutions to urban challenges. From smart waste management to community-led initiatives, we are committed to shaping a cleaner and more sustainable future for everyone.



Researching effective collaboration models with local government, businesses, academic institutions, and community groups to address environmental challenges collectively for sustainable development.

Empowering the communities to become more resilient, adaptable, and prosperous

About Us

Swachhtapukare works in the area of Water, Waste, Air, Soil and Energy management using innovative and affordable solutions to address urban environmental challenges.

At Swachhatapukare Foundation, we are committed to taking action for the betterment of the environment. We deliver holistic programmes and solutions that benefit everyone on the planet. Being a section 8 company, we function as a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of working towards protection of our environment. Our work encompasses delivering impactful change and management techniques in areas like air, water, waste and energy.

An opportunity to come together for the collective effort of safeguarding our waterways.

Join hands with Swachhata Pukare as we unveil a pivotal step towards a cleaner, healthier environment.

SwachhataPukare Features


Empowering the communities to become more resilient, adaptable, and prosperous

Ideas Worth Spreading

TEDxBistupur is designed to bring people from diverse backgrounds together in a shared space to share ideas and perspectives while fostering dialogue and action around important topics. TED has also approved license for it’s signature event Countdown to TEDxBistupur. We will have 2 mega TEDx event in FY23-24. Stay tuned for the updates in the Ideas & innovation page. Please visit www.tedxbistupur.com for more informations.

Clean Energy Solutions

Swachhatapukare is promoting  solar power to reduce our carbon footprint and slow down the rate of climate change while conserving natural resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas for future generations. We are empowering individuals and communities to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on centralised power grids.

Please visit https://homescape.solar/ for more informations.


Cleanup drives by Citizens

Our team engages in regular Clean-up activities involving mass participation that urge individuals and communities to work together in cleaning up their surroundings, such as a River Banks. Moreover, by participating in a clean-up activity, individuals feel a sense of pride and ownership over their local environment, develop a sense of responsibility, and feel more connected to their community.. Please visit us at our Facebook page
 to see our recent activities.

Women Empowerment

Empowering women through craft making can lead to numerous benefits, including increased economic empowerment, improved self-esteem, and social mobility. By implementing this CSR project at Kharagpur in association with Tata Metaliks Ltd., They have created a sustainable livelihoods for themselves  and promoted gender equality in thier community.

Waste(Hyacinth) to wealth

Cradts such as Notebook, Carrybag, Lampshades, Sow-pieces etc. are displayed at an event organised by Tata Metaliks ltd. These crafts not only provide a source of income for rural women but also help to preserve local traditions and promote cultural heritage. Swachhatapukare is handholding and training Rural women to make all of these.

Cleanliness Awareness campaigns

Maintaining cleanliness at markets is essential to promote good health and prevent the spread of diseases. Involving the community in cleanliness awareness campaigns can help create a sense of responsibility and ownership towards the market. These awareness campaigns are carried out regularly in Markets, Schools & Colleges, Streets ( Nukkad).

Afforestaion through Seedballs

Seedballs are small balls made of clay, soil, and seeds. Making seedballs is a simple and effective way to plant seeds and grow plants in areas where traditional planting methods may not be feasible or sustainable.

During last 3 years, we have dispersed more than 2 million seedballs in Dalma hills, highways, river banks, wetlands etc. It is fun to throw and easy to grow. Just make it yourself by mixing soil and compost in 3:1 proportion. Add little bit of water and insert seeds of your choice. Keep greening your surroundings

Green initiative for future

Nurseries can provide numerous advantages for villages, ranging from increased income to improved health and environmental benefits. By providing access to plants and promoting education and awareness, nurseries can help to promote sustainable and healthy communities. Our recent projects are in progress at Tata Workers Union School and few more places.

We have collaborated with Plant Nursery at West Bangal and Maharashtra.

Ecobricks made of PET bottles

Ecobricks can provide numerous advantages, including waste reduction, sustainable building material, community engagement, carbon sequestration, and creative expression. By using ecobricks, individuals and communities can take an active role in reducing plastic waste and promoting environmental sustainability.

These PET bottles are filled up with the low end plastic waste and can be used to make walls, Bench, creative structure and many more items.

Join us on this journey towards a cleaner, greener, and healthier future

Every action, no matter how small, contributes to the collective effort of saving the planet.


We have connected to more than 20000 volunteers across 30 cities in last 4 years. Let us join hands together for a sustainable future for everyone.


Success Story

Fabrics from the menace

Swachhatapukare has developed solutions to covert water hyacinth into various products like Lampshades, Show-pieces, Notebooks and Saree etc.

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