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In our journey toward a cleaner and healthier environment, research is the compass guiding our path. At Swachhatapukare Foundation, we believe that knowledge is the key to impactful change. 



Research is not just a process; it’s a powerful tool that empowers us to understand, innovate, and implement solutions that stand the test of time. Our commitment to the betterment of the environment is deeply rooted in the insights gained through rigorous research.


Water Conservation: Delving into sustainable water management practices, ensuring the preservation of this precious resource for generations to come.

Biodiversity Preservation: Investigating ways to protect and enhance local ecosystems, promoting biodiversity as a cornerstone of a resilient environment.


🌐 Waste Management Innovations: Pioneering research in smart waste management technologies, minimizing our ecological footprint and maximizing efficiency.

Community-Centric Research:

Our research initiatives extend beyond laboratories; they embrace the communities we serve.

Understanding local needs and involving communities in the research process ensures that our solutions are both effective and sustainable.

In the spirit of collective impact, we actively seek collaborations with research institutions, scientists, and environmental experts. By fostering partnerships, we amplify our research efforts and tap into a wealth of knowledge to address complex environmental challenges.

Technologies for a sustainable tommorrow

Environmental technologies are tools and practices that can help to promote sustainability and reduce the negative impact of human activities on the environment. Here are some examples of environmental technologies , Swachhatapukare is committed for-

  • Renewable Energy

  • Green Building Technologies

  • Sustainable Agriculture

  • Water Conservation Technologies

  • Waste Management Technologies

  • Carbon Capture and Storage

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Solar Initiatives

Swachhatapukare is a proud partner of Amplus Solar and committed to bring Clean and green energy for the customers at an affordable price.

Amplus Solar is Asia’s leading distributed energy company providing low carbon energy solutions to industrial and commercial customers.

For more info, Please visit https://homescape.solar/about-us/

Integrated Waste material recovery

  • Dry waste recovery facility with Non-thermal technologies to reuse and recycle waste in city
  • Linking all stakeholders for a zero waste lifestyle
  • Incentive for households for proper segregation at source
  • Collaboration with leading waste management organisations  for future without Landfill
  • Citizen engagement &
    Awareness drives by
    Swachhatapukare Foundation

Heat Pump

A heat pump works on the same principle as a refrigerator, but in reverse. Instead of removing heat from the inside of a fridge and expelling it to the outside, a heat pump removes heat from the outside and transfers it to the inside of a building.

Heat pumps are highly efficient, as they can move three to four times more heat energy than the electrical energy they consume. They are also environmentally friendly, as they do not emit any greenhouse gases or pollutants during operation.

Sanitary waste safe disposal system

We have partnered with Neo-San to implement a highly efficient incineration system with minimum impact on climate. A pilot demo is operational at Jamshedpur. Please visit us to know more about it.

Clean Air Technology

  • Filterless Air purifying
  • Collaboration with Leading innovators for
    technical & equipment support
  • Air quality monitoring
    equipments supply with the AI features
  • Reliable and futuristic
  • Research and exploration for clean air technologies